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Share Your Information. Discuss Ideas.




pass on or discuss (an idea or rumor) in a casual or uninformed way.

"Let's bandy these ideas over lunch"

What is Bandy Social?

Share any or all of your social accounts instantly. Bandy allows you to contactlessly share your infomation with others without the use of an app. We supply different mediums to help you share your information such as qr-codes, cards, stickers, and, very soon, wearables.


Social Includes:

  • Linked to Single Account
  • NFC-Enabled Card


Social Elite Includes:

  • Profile Photo (optional)
  • Full Name/Handle
  • Social App Links
  • Phone (optional)
  • Email (optional)
  • Money App Links
  • Custom QR-Code
  • NFC-Enabled Card

Need to share a little More.
Bandy Business can help.


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Bandy Cards

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